Travelling artist, hiking around.
Currently studying Sculpture at the Royal College of art, London. 

I have always loved making things.
Playing, experimenting and exploring allows me to think, and escape thinking. To shift perspectives and be absorbed in the process.
I have an inherent interest in form, abstraction, materials, space and how we interact with our immediate surroundings. I aim to reinvigorate our connection to what’s around us by drawing us back to the present moment; the here and now. Often influenced by my experiences of hiking solo around South America, Austria and the UK, I make installations which question the boundaries between art and life, person and object, material and space. These mostly fragile and temporal interventions respond directly to the history and foundations of specific locations both physically and ideologically, becoming dependent on the changeable nature of our environment and unpredictable individual responses.
I am also exploring symbols and shapes as a tool of visual communication and how they can be used to generate meanings and associations.


In May 2015, I was awarded a travel bursary from Falmouth University to go on an art research trip in Italy. I travelled through Tuscany, Umbria, Rome and Turin on the hunt for exciting Contemporary Art and I was definitely not disappointed.
Have a read of the blog above to learn more and see photos I took along the way.



2018 –
– October: Painting ‘Los Andes’ exhibited in the Wells Art Contemporary Competition, Somerset
2016 –
– September: Solo exhibition, ‘colouring out’, at redearth gallery in Bickleigh, near Tiverton in Devon
– September: Outdoor installation, ‘Wrapt‘, on the sculpture trail in the Lyme Regis Arts Festival
– May: Site-specific installation, ‘Back to Basics’, at Delamore House and Sculpture Gardens
2015 –
– Degree Show at Falmouth University
2014 –
– 2nd year Show at Falmouth Poly, ‘1+2=2’
2013 –
– 1st year show in Falmouth, ‘Definition’
Notable Awards
-Painting selected for the Wells Art Contemporary competition exhibition at Bishop’s Palace, Wells
2015 –
– Awarded the Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham ‘Travel Award to Italy’ Bursary from Falmouth University
– Shortlisted for the Spike Island Residency, Bristol
2012 –
– Bronze Medal selected for the London Exhibition as part of the British Art Medal Society Competition
– Awarded Fast-track bursary to Falmouth University