Travelling artist, hiking around.
Currently living and working in Hackney, East London. 

I have always loved making things, experimenting with ideas and working in a variety of different ways. I have an inherent interest in form, abstraction, materials and space, and not being confined to a specific way of making work enables me to explore a range of ideas. Often influenced by my experiences of hiking around South America and exploring the UK, I enjoy making outdoor site-specific installations. Responding directly to the history and foundations of a location enables me to explore the connections between the work and its surroundings.
More recently, I have been trying out a more illustrative and humorous approach to making paintings, in order to reflect upon the unpredictable and often bizarre situations I find myself in. It’s really good fun and the most free I’ve felt making work to date.


In May 2015, I was awarded a travel bursary from Falmouth University to go on an art research trip in Italy. I travelled through Tuscany, Umbria, Rome and Turin on the hunt for exciting Contemporary Art and I was definitely not disappointed.
Have a read of the blog above to learn more and see photos I took along the way.


2016 –
– September: Solo exhibition, ‘colouring out’, at redearth gallery in Bickleigh, near Tiverton in Devon
– September: Outdoor installation, ‘Wrapt‘, on the sculpture trail in the Lyme Regis Arts Festival
– May: Site-specific installation, ‘Back to Basics’, at Delamore House and Sculpture Gardens

2015 –
– Degree Show at Falmouth University

2014 –
– 2nd year Show at Falmouth Poly, ‘1+2=2’

2013 –
– 1st year show in Falmouth, ‘Definition’

Notable Awards
-Painting selected for the Wells Art Contemporary competition exhibition at Bishop’s Palace, Wells

2015 –
– Awarded the Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham ‘Travel Award to Italy’ Bursary from Falmouth University
– Shortlisted for the Spike Island Residency, Bristol

2012 –
– Bronze Medal selected for the London Exhibition as part of the British Art Medal Society Competition